New Year, New Room – Our Favorite New Trends

The year 2013 will be here in just a few, short weeks! What better way to welcome in the New Year than with a new look for your tired, old room? Check out the top 5, hottest things in bedroom design today!

Choosing the right design style or element for your bedroom can transform it into your favorite room in the home instantly. Here are the top 5, most popular design trends for 2013 to help you pick one that appeals most to you! From new window treatments to the comeback of wallpaper, you are guaranteed to find one that you love!

1) The Comeback of Wallpaper

Are your walls talking? Today’s modern wallpaper is nothing like what you remember seeing on the walls of your grandmother’s home. The leading trends include textured looks, murals, and wall coverings that have been to an elegant, gently worn look to them. Metallic paint designs on neutral background tones seem to be the must have wallpaper for this season.

2) Serenity Now

Interior decorators have noted that there is an increased demand from their clients for bedrooms that provide a serene ambiance and a retreat-like atmosphere. Colors are well blended and soothing. The most popular color palettes for these bedrooms include hues of lavender, cream, and sage green.

3) Master Suite Must Have Conveniences

In the quest to create a retreat-like haven, convenient features are becoming a must have. One popular feature that interior decorators are seeing more of is coffee bars. The miniature bars come complete with small refrigerators and espresso machines to infuse a master bedroom with a new sense of hotel style luxury. An increasing number of appliances, like washers and dryers, are being relocated to the master bedroom to provide a homeowner with the convenience of being able to tackle laundry at any time of the day.

4) Layered Draperies

Layering is a home décor trend that has been popular for several years, but it is now being applied to the window treatments of master bedrooms. The key is to go for minimalism and simplicity to achieve the serene atmosphere that is so desired right now. Drapery colors should be blended, as opposed to using contrasting colors. The materials used for the drapes should be consistent for both window treatments.

5) Going for the Gold

Finally, gold is making a huge comeback as the accent color of choice for 2013. It can be used to accent Asian inspired décor without going overboard, and the color can be used to play up the graphic shapes and rich color tones of accessories. Gold accessories with burnished patinas are also expected to become quite popular.

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