Preventing Damage With Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are more than conveniences. Because a motor controls the motion of the blinds, they have the capacity to be very long lasting. Blinds sometimes end up being severely damaged because of being opened or closed too quickly, also the cords may end up becoming tangled and pulling the blind up or letting it down unevenly.

How They Work

There are some great features to motorized blinds that may make them more appealing to some people. Motorized blinds are:

  • Solar Powered: They’re green in this sense
  • Low Voltage: The motor isn’t over powered and shock hazards are very low
  • Battery Options: If solar doesn’t work for you, you can go the battery route


There are other options available, as well, such as blinds that are powered by standard 110V household current. Whichever option you choose, there are some real advantages to these blinds.


One of the most common ways that blinds become damaged is from being opened or closed unevenly. This can cause the blinds to pull up faster on one side than the other, tangling the cords and creating a mess that may actually bend or otherwise damage the blinds themselves. Motorized blinds are controlled when they’re pulled up or brought down, which makes it a lot easier to keep them from being harmed in the aforementioned ways.

Motorized blinds are also easier on you. Very large window blinds may be difficult for some people to bring up or put down. The motor provides a reliable and safe way to do both and ensures that you don’t end up with damage to your blinds because of uneven tugging on the cord or from the cord becoming tangled up in the blinds. They’re very convenient in many regards.

Cleaning These Blinds

Advanced Blind & Shade can provide proper care for motorized blinds of any kind. We can also clean draperies and other window coverings. When you invest money in a great set of blinds, it makes sense to take measures to ensure that they last as long as possible. With proper cleaning—we use ultrasonic cleaning, one of the most advanced methods available—you can be sure that your blinds will last for a very long time. Whether you have motorized blinds or other complex window coverings that need to be cleaned, we can make sure that it gets done right.

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