Do Blinds and Shades Keep Heat In?

Advanced Blind & Shade

Did you know that blinds are an effective method of both heating and cooling your home? The right blinds could be the trick to lowering your monthly heating and cooling costs!

In short, the answer is yes. Blinds, draperies, and window treatments are an effective method for cutting heating and cooling bills, regulating the temperature of your home, and enhancing its overall appearance. Depending on what kind of window treatments you choose, they can be used to create a cooling or insulating effect in the rooms of your house.

If insulation is your primary goal, then blinds are going to be a great option for you to choose. Sunshine streams in through the window, and the gap in between the window and blinds captures the heat, producing a greenhouse effect. In the winter, this is a desirable effect, and in the summer, when you want it to be cooler in your home, all you have to do is raise the blinds to leave the window uncovered.

To effectively warm a room in your home during the winter months, consider investing in interior blinds. Blinds will absorb the sunlight, and they will offer insulation where it is desired. As a general rule of thumb, white blinds are going to work best for reflecting sunlight, but there are also a number of other, specially treated blinds that are engineered to absorb the maximum amount of natural sunlight. A great example of these specialty blinds would be the Premium Cellular Blackout Shades, offered exclusively from Advanced Blind.

On the other hand, if cooling the rooms in your home is what you are after, then you might want to consider investing in solar screens. These screens are placed on the outside of your window, and the majority of the sunlight is going to be filtered before it even reaches the glass. This insulation barrier prevents the heat from entering your home, which allows an interior room to remain cool. When the winter months arrive, the solar screens can easily be removed.

When you have your air conditioner turned on, the ideal goal is to create as thick of a layer of insulation as possible. To do so, interior blinds can be closed all of the way. Outdoor window treatments can easily be lowered into place. Window overhangs can also be utilized where they are practical. The double layer of insulation the outdoor coverings and blinds create is the most effective combination for reducing the cooling costs of your home during the summer.

To see these different kinds of window treatments, and how they can benefit your home, for yourself, give Advanced Blind a call today!