Holiday Wish List: Our Favorite Home Decor Gift Ideas

Not all holiday gifts have to cost a lot of money. In fact, with a bit of creativity, you can make a simple, inexpensive gift into something unique that the recipient will truly appreciate. Here are some ideas.

Unique Knife Block

Inexpensive knife blocks can be purchased on their own and they’re oftentimes included with sets. If you want to dress one up a bit before giving it as a gift, try this!

  • Paint the knife block with two coats of spray paint in a color the recipient will love
  • Trace the outline of the knives on the outside of the block, where the blades will rest inside the block when stored. Use a pencil.
  • Use a contrasting color to fill in the outline of the blade

The result will be a unique, fun knife block that will fit in with most any kitchen style!

Vase Photo Display

Take a glass vase of any color and dress it up. Clear glass vases will work best for this.

  • Get photos and print them out or use film photos
  • Use colored paper to make a backing for the photos and affix the photos to them with glue
  • Use clothespins to fasten the pictures to the inside of the vase
  • You can also use images of herbs and flowers from seed packets to get a great look

Creative Bookmarks

If you have an avid reader in the family, make them a great gift!

  • Use velvet ribbon cut into at least nine-inch lengths.
  • Get ribbon clamps to fit
  • Using jewelry pliers, fasten the clamps to each end of the ribbon
  • Attach any trinket or other item that will suit the recipient to the end of the bookmark

These cost almost nothing to make and they’ll certainly be appreciated by anyone who loves to read!

One Last Gift Idea

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