Spring Colors We Are Crazy About

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Are you thinking about revamping your bedroom this spring? Maybe it’s time to throw out the dusty old bedding and window treatments and replace them with fresh, vibrant color schemes that will have you feeling as though you’ve left ordinary behind and departed on a tropical vacation.

When it comes to spring cleaning and redecorating, there’s no better room to start than the bedroom, where you spend 1/3 of your life, the place to which you retreat and revitalize to face the new day. Here are some fresh and interesting color combinations to consider, in order to infuse some exotic, elegant or romantic flavor into your favorite room in the house:

  • For a snappy change with an exotic feel, try a combination of brilliant aqua and radiant orange to liven up your mornings;
  • For a rich and elegant look and feel, combine various shades of traditional earthy green with leaf prints, natural woods and thick cotton linen;
  • For a child’s room, choose bright and whimsical colors in vivid pinks, fuchsias and chartreuse, and blend in soft textures and fun animal prints;
  • For a girly bedroom with just a bit of an elegant Park Avenue touch, combine subtle rose hues, bohemian prints and exotic, East Indian styling;
  • Consider a soothing aquatic theme, with pale blue-green colors to evoke warm memories of sunshine, tropical waters and lazy sea shore afternoons;
  • Let the sun shine in with a cheery yellow-based bedroom splashed with various shades of squash, honey beige and mint green;
  • A mint on the pillow is not required when combining cool shades of mint green, chocolate brown and retro turquoise for a decadent, 1960s feel;
  • Combine soft pink and beige with natural, rustic fabrics for a soft, ethereal feel that will have you drifting off to sleep on a cotton candy cloud;
  • For a bold, dramatic look, combine pastel pink with acid green and white striping – a delightful color scheme perfectly suited for the bedroom of a young miss;
  • Combine embroidered, antique-feel fabrics in faded pink and cream coloring for a rich, Mediterranean look with an 18th century feel that’s fit for a queen – or a princess;
  • Go Miami Vice with shades of exotic coral, peach and soft raspberry, combined with brilliant aqua and even bright green tones, along with creamy beige, tans and lots of natural textures – but leave the crocodile for the handbags and shoes.


Mix and match any of these yummy color combinations throughout the room space, repeating them in bedding, pillows, carpet throws, draperies, window treatments and more, to immerse the room in color and bring out the mood that you’re looking for. Once you’ve selected your color palette, the more times you repeat it, and the more different shades of it, the better.

When it comes to selecting window coverings, Advanced Blind & Shade has a wide variety of window treatments in all different styles and colors that will help to set the stage, so that you can achieve exactly the look and feel you’re hoping for in this very important personal space.

When it comes to vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, cellular shades, Roman shades, sheers, shutters, roller shades, window treatments, top treatments, mini-blinds, woven wood, motorized solutions or any other kind of window covering or enhancement, Advanced Blind & Shade’s experts can help you find exactly the right solution for the space and the ambiance.

With free in-home measurements and consultations, high quality products and stellar customer service, you’ll never want to shop anywhere else. Check out their wide selection of colors and materials, and frame your dream space with window treatments from the experts who know window coverings.

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