Colors for the New Year

Choosing colors for your home is an undertaking that usually incorporates your own preferences with the trends of the moment. Ideally, you’ll end up with a color scheme that will remain attractive for the long haul, as it won’t be too trendy but it will certainly be based on what’s fashionable. Some ideas that you may want to take advantage of follow.

1: Go Dark

At the moment, darker colors are very trendy. Remember that a dark color scheme doesn’t necessarily have to make your home come off as if it was decorated by Morticia Addams. In fact, dark color schemes can be very elegant and very relaxing.

Muted colors and shades of gray are the main colors that you’ll want to take a look at if you want to go this route. To avoid creating an oppressive atmosphere, accent your grays with splashes of colors here and there. Pillows, upholstery and even pictures can be used to add some color to the room, as well. Don’t be afraid of the dark!

2: Ultra Vibrant

We live in a world where we’re surrounded by digital devices that pop with color. That fact has influenced the aesthetics of the time and bright, even vibrant, colors are very popular this season as well.

When you go for vibrant colors schemes, be sure to offset the brightness with some dark spaces. Too many bright colors can definitely get tiresome and, without a bit of balance, the effect is really lost.

3: Vintage

Vintage is always in. What’s vintage, of course, depends upon what era you’re in at the moment. Right now, muted but colorful pastel colors are very popular among the vintage crowd. If you want to make your space a bit softer and, at the same time, add an element of class, these colors are great ways to go.

Don’t be afraid to get a bit bold when you’re using these color schemes. A color that contrasts with the dominant color scheme of the room can actually enhance a sense of harmony rather than creating unpleasant dissonance.
Window Treatments

You may want new blinds and window treatments to fit with your new color scheme or you may just need your old blinds cleaned up so that they sparkle like new. Advanced Blind & Shade can provide great new draperies, binds and other window treatments and our cleaning methods can restore the beauty of the window treatments you already have.

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