Advance Blind Colors for the New Year

Colors for the New Year

The New Year is almost upon us, and those who know and predict next year’s color trends already know what is going to be hot and what is going to be out. If you plan to keep up with the colors, it’s a good idea to pay attention to what the experts are saying. Following their lead as well as adding in touches from your own sense of style will ensure your home décor is up to par next year.

What Colors Will Be Big?

Many of the popular colors for the upcoming year are likely to be neutral, especially for carpeting and sofas. Light browns are also popular, but shades of grey are becoming one of the go to colors in decorating. A few popular non-neutral colors include greens, red and violet. Combining neutral furnishings with color blinds or shades are a great way to add a personal sense of style and fresh look to your home.

Of course, popular colors might not mean anything to you. You may find that you want to buck the trends and choose a color scheme that suits you and your individual style. Relying on a professional to coordinate your furnishings, color schemes and window treatments can help turn your vision into a home that looks great and suits your own personal taste.

Decorating the Home

When you are redecorating, make sure that you consider all of the different elements of your home. From flooring to furnishings or even window treatments, they should all flow together to create a unified look. Small accessories, new paint colors or window treatments can be a great way to infuse new trending colors adding new life to an outdated space.

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